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For spine pain, nerve pain and pinched nerves...

Trust specialized capability for an accurate diagnosis & appropriate treatment.

When you have spine pain, a pinched nerve or nerve-related pain or discomfort, the goal is simple: Get relief.

If your symptoms are nerve-related, getting relief means getting the right care. There are a number of different options, of course. But which option is right for you? Which treatment is best? The answer, whatever it is, starts with an accurate and complete diagnosis. In fact, for radiating nerve pain or neuropathies related to nerve compression — including carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, pinched nerve root, etc. — the right course of action depends entirely on a detailed, highly precise diagnosis.

At Spine & Neurotrauma Center, this is our focus.

Backed by fellowship training in EMG, the gold-standard neurological test for these problems, Russell J. Shah, MD, provides uncommon skill and experience in order to quickly provide you a complete, accurate diagnosis — one that takes into account subtleties that can make diagnosis challenging. He also knows that the “right” course of action should be YOUR informed decision... and that conservative, nonsurgical options may be most appropriate for you.