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EMG Neurology: Devoted exclusively to EMG testing.

Focused services & conservative, objective patient care.

Neck PainFor many people with nerve pain, surgery isn’t necessary. And the way to know is with nerve-muscle testing, called EMG. EMG is the gold-standard neurological test for muscle-nerve problems. EMG objectively studies healthy nerves that are transmitting pain (and other signals). As a result, the results of EMG testing are often used by doctors to guide the management, care and treatment recommendations for these problems. But the accuracy, the precision, of the test interpretation is vital to getting the care you need.

At Spine and Neurotrauma Center in Las Vegas, our sole focus is EMG testing. That’s because EMG studies, while often subtle and challenging, are important to a complete, accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of:

Pinched nerve Neck & low back pain Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
Sciatica / lumbar radiculopathy Cervical radiculopathy Radiating pain Numbness or tingling Neuropathy

A philosophy of diagnostic excellence & commitment to your best interests.

Dr. Russell J. Shah’s commitment to objectivity as a diagnostician and experienced EMG neurologist extends to all aspects of his care, including the treatments he recommends. You’ll be informed about your options, which will be based on a highly skilled interpretation of your EMG results.

Fellowship-trained in EMG testing and interpretation, Dr. Shah has a more thorough understanding of the subtleties of EMG testing and interpretation than is common. He has examined hundreds of thousands of nerves and helped thousands of people with nerve pain get an accurate diagnosis and effective, appropriate care.