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Spine and Neuro

Working with Your Doctor

Collaborating with physicians to provide you with the best, most appropriate care.

Wrist IssuesFocusing exclusively on EMG neurology, Dr. Shah and his team at Spine & Neurotrauma Center are dedicated to helping your doctor provide you the best, most effective and most appropriate care for pinched nerves, nerve pain and neck and back pain.

Simply put, we believe in supporting your doctor. For this reason, we offer complete efficiency and flexibility in how we interact with or collaborate with your primary-care physician and/or other doctors. We welcome physicians’ inquiries and referrals. If your doctors wishes, we’ll take over the management of your nerve-related problem. We can also function as a “go-between” with your doctor or otherwise work with him or her as they desire. And we’ll keep your doctor informed at every turn, including with same-day faxed reports.